Installing a diffuser screen on a floor-ceiling air conditioner in a restaurant

August 12, 2023

Installing a diffuser screen on a floor-ceiling air conditioner in a restaurant

Organization of labor protection at the enterprise.

Competent organization of labor protection at the enterprise is one of the most important conditions for a safe, comfortable and productive workflow. Employers should properly implement labor safety measures in order to protect the health and life of their employees. This factor will help to completely eliminate or at least minimize the number of occupational injuries or diseases associated with unfavorable conditions of workplace organization. In addition, labor protection measures are mandatory from the point of view of legislation, therefore their absence or incorrect implementation may entail punitive sanctions from the inspection authorities.

One of the main requirements for labor protection is the maintenance of a comfortable microclimate and air circulation in the working premises: whether it is an office, a manufacturing workshop, a warehouse, a store or any other object. Air conditioning systems are widely used to cool the air in the warm season and heat it in the cold season. Regular exposure to cold air from the air conditioner can negatively affect the health of employees and lead to their temporary or permanent disability.

In order to eliminate these adverse effects, it is advisable to introduce such a labor protection measure as the installation of protective screens for air conditioners. They have a wide range of advantages, including:
  • A variety of types and models, among which there are screens for wall, ceiling and floor-ceiling air conditioners, as well as for ventilation grilles.
  • You can choose a suitable screen for air conditioners of all shapes and sizes installed in any place: from an office and warehouse to a retail outlet and a beauty salon.
  • The diffuser for the air conditioner effectively redirects cold air to the ceiling, protecting employees working under it from hypothermia and accompanying colds.
Another important area of labor protection measures at the enterprise has recently become the protection of workers from the spread of viral diseases, namely, from the COVID-19 coronavirus. As you know, individual facemasks are far from a perfect protective measure, but what to choose as an alternative? It is much more advisable to use plastic antiviral screens for these purposes, among the advantages of which can be noted:
  • The strength and plasticity of PET plastic makes it possible to make virus protection screens of any size, shape and type from it: desktop (prefabricated, corner, monolithic), suspended, with a metal frame, as well as individual plastic masks.
  • Barriers of this type make it possible to fully comply with the requirements of Rospotrebnadzor to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection COVID-19, as well as labor protection regulations.
  • Antiviral protective screens are an effective security tool not only for employees, but also for customers or visitors of your company or organization.


looks fragile. won't it wobble and make noise?

They fit perfectly on the ventilation grilles, we order for the 3rd time. The seller responds quickly.

They put it in our pharmacy, the air was blowing right at me, now it's blowing in the other direction. I advise everyone

Cold air blows directly on the employees! Installed screens reflectors Element, all work without problems!

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