Installation of a protective screen of the diffuser on the ventilation grate in the office

August 12, 2023

Installation of a protective screen of the diffuser on the ventilation grate in the office

How to reduce the number of colds in the office

One of the main requirements of occupational safety and health is to maintain a comfortable microclimate and air circulation in the workplace: office, production workshop, warehouse, store or any other facility. Each of us knows about the benefits of air conditioning systems that cool the air in the warm season and heat it in the cold time. But among the useful qualities it is worth highlighting one significant drawback. Constant exposure to cold air negatively affects the health of employees and can lead to temporary disability.

A reflector screen for a wall or ceiling air conditioner is a necessary attribute for every office where an employer cares about the health of his employees and maintaining a high-quality microclimate. The benefits of buying a protective screen-reflector for an air conditioner are simply not commensurate with the cost of the construction.

Advantages of protective screens for air conditioners:

  1. Maintaining an optimal microclimate. Employees should not feel temperature fluctuations, regardless of whether it is hot outside or cold. Otherwise, the employer risks that his subordinates will often go on sick leave or have reduced productivity due to colds and headaches.
  2. The assessment of the quality of working conditions includes the determination of the level of microclimate. If the working conditions are determined to be harmful, this is guaranteed to entail additional costs for the employer.
  3. Dispersion of cold air flows. Protective screens do not interfere with the operation of the cooling system. We offer a device that is able to ensure correct air circulation without contact with the working nodes of the split system.
  4. Stylish design. We are engaged in the production of protective screens for air conditioners, which can favorably emphasize the status of the company. The devices are made of very durable plastic, and the construction itself is easy to install and use, aesthetic and easy to decorate or brand if necessary.
  5. Instant result. You will feel positive changes and comfort immediately after installing the protective screen. Such designs will reduce colds in the office by 4 times.
  6. Guaranteed reliability and favorable cost. Our own raw material base and production facilities help us to produce high-quality and efficient models of reflector screens.
  7. Durable, but at the same time, simple fastening. The type of fastening of protective screens our company offers allows you to fix the construction simply, quickly and for a long time.
  8. Adjustment of the protective screens in height and the formation of cutouts for bends. You can change and improve the performance and functionality of the construction in any available and convenient way.

Why it is worth ordering a reflector screen for air conditioners in our company:

  1. We offer a wide range of types and models. In the catalog of our online store you will find screens for wall, ceiling, floor-ceiling air conditioners, as well as for ventilating grilles.
  2.  You can choose a diffusing screen of any shape and size.

Competent organization of labor protection at the enterprise is one of the most important conditions for a safe, comfortable and productive workflow.

Employers should properly implement labor protection measures to protect the health and life of their employees. This factor will help to completely eliminate or at least minimize the number of occupational injuries or diseases associated with unfavorable conditions of workplace organization.

  One of the important and useful purchases for any employer who wants to reduce the number of colds in the office will be a protective screen for air conditioners.


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