Installation of a protective diffuser screen for a wall-mounted air conditioner in the office

August 12, 2023

Installation of a protective diffuser screen for a wall-mounted air conditioner in the office

How to increase the efficiency of employees in the office.

Protective screens-reflectors for air conditioners is a purchase that will allow you to make a comfortable microclimate in an office space and decrease the number of colds that occur in employees by almost 4 times.

It is quite possible that in the near future the introduction of screens will be a mandatory requirement for creating optimal working conditions at enterprises. Already, companies such as Etihad, Emirates, Google, Samsung, cannot do without them.

Transparent plastic protective screens-reflectors have the following properties:

  • Reliability, strength and durability. The main material of manufacture is alloyed plastic with impact resistance up to 130 Mpa. The product is resistant to corrosion and temperature changes.
  • Practicality and noiselessness. The correct distribution of air flows makes it possible to increase the efficiency of employees and avoid the concentration of cold air masses in any one part of the room.
  • Stylish modern design. These are not only functional structures, but also original decorative elements.
  • Easy to install. Mounting of plastic protective screens can be done with your own hands without the help of a specialist.

Why you should contact our company for reflector screens.

The key points of interest to each buyer when placing an order are the price of the product and the supplier. You will make sure that buying from a direct manufacturer is the best solution. You do not overpay for goods that may be subject to a margin from intermediaries. You get a guarantee for the purchase and have the opportunity to order the manufacture of a protective plastic screen according to your own standards and other individual parameters.

Advantages of buying a screen from us as manufacturers:

  • The cost of protective screens including VAT.
  • The possibility of placing an order according to individual parameters.
  • The possibility of buying a unique and exclusive model.
  • Certified management system.
  • Constant research in the industry.

The best quality is guaranteed. Our company is one of the best and proven manufacturers and suppliers of protective screens–reflectors for air conditioners on the Russian market. We are able to offer a very wide range of models. We are always improving and are in the process of developing new improved models. All designs are made taking into account the requirements for a modern office. In cooperation with our company, you can be sure of timely delivery, consulting support and assistance.


installation is really easy, the instruction is very clear

Our company has been greatly helped by screens for air conditioners, they effectively and evenly distribute air throughout the office

We put a reflector for a wall-mounted air conditioner in our office, now it doesn't blow, very good

Plastic, lightweight, transparent cold air diffusers. Easy to install, helped, thanks Element

Cold air reflectors helped, thanks

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