For floor-ceiling air conditioners

The "Unit" screen for floor-ceiling air conditioner

This protective screen is adjustable according to the slope of the front panel and is attached to a heavy-duty mounting tape to the air conditioner unit. It effectively performs its function by evenly dispersing cold air, regardless of the type of air conditioner mounting.

Individual reflector screens for floor-ceiling air conditioners

Production of protective screens for floor and ceiling air conditioners according to individual drawings, non-standard shapes and sizes is the fourth type of products in our assortment. Our company is one of the leading manufacturers of protective reflectors for wall air conditioners, we are professionals in this field.

Thanks to our own production and qualified personnel, we can manufacture deflectors of absolutely any shape, size and mounting method. Our main task is to select and produce the best option for the specific purposes of the customer.

We make all protective screens from transparent (light transmittance from 85%), impact-resistant and environmentally friendly PET plastic. This material has excellent performance characteristics.

In our company you can order and buy screens for floor-ceiling air conditioners at a low price, with delivery and installation.

In our company you can order and buy high-quality screens floor and ceiling air conditioners at a low price, with delivery and installation.

Screen for AIRSCREEN air conditioner

Screen for Daikin air conditioner

Screen for Mitsubishi Electric air conditioner

Screen for Samsung air conditioner

Screen for HISENSE air conditioner

Screen for Ballu air conditioner

Screen for LG air conditioner

Screen for Electrolux air conditioner

Screen for Gree air conditioner

Screen for Haier air conditioner

Screen for General Climate air conditioner

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Protective screen diffuser for wall-mounted air conditioner, transparent plastic. Reflects and distributes cold air flows.