Installation of a diffuser for a ceiling air conditioner

August 10, 2023

Installation of a diffuser for a ceiling air conditioner in the meeting room

Why install reflector screens for air conditioners

Recently, the protection of workers from the spreading of viral and colds has become the main focus of labor protection measures. Antiviral protective screens are an effective security tool not only for employees, but also for customers or visitors of your company or organization.

Air conditioning systems make the indoor microclimate cool and comfortable, but also have a negative impact on health. Air conditioners, as you know, reduce the air temperature and direct cooled air flows into the room. Constant exposure to cold air has a negative effect on well-being and causes local hypothermia of the organism. If a person has to sit or stand under the air conditioner for a long time, the consequences can be expressed in a cold, neck pain and headache.

Because of such properties of air conditioning systems, many people wonder: «How not to catch a cold while constantly under the air conditioner?» or «What to use in order to direct cold air from the air conditioner up to the ceiling?». Protective screens-reflectors are the solution to the problem of hypothermia and colds due to the air conditioner.

The protective diffusing screen for the air conditioner is a compact lightweight design made of durable transparent plastic. It is mounted under the internal unit of the cooling system and blocks the downward flow of air, which is why it pushes off and goes up to the ceiling. The installation of such a structure next to the air conditioning system ensures an effective redistribution of air masses, so that cold air no longer blows into the ears, necks and backs of employees, and this in turn reduces the number of colds and ailments in the workplace. 

Advantages of protective screens-reflectors:

  1. Scope of application. A wide range of products presented in the catalog of our online store will help you choose the right model for any type of air conditioner: wall, ceiling, floor-ceiling; as well as for ventilating grilles.
  2. Assortment. A variety of models allows you to choose the best and most effective deflector. You will find reflector screens of all sizes and shapes that will protect you from cold air flows of the air conditioner.
  3. Noise reduction. The protective screen will not only redirect the air, but also reduce the noise and vibration of the air conditioner. Thanks to this design, the indoor atmosphere will become more pleasant and comfortable.
  4. Attractive appearance. Air deflector screens for air conditioners are made of transparent plastic. The light transmittance index is from 85%. Due to this property and other functional characteristics, such structures are convenient to use in any premises: at home, in the office, shop, at production, etc.
  5. Durability and reliability. We manufacture reflector screens made of impact-resistant plastic, which is stable to deformation and temperature changes. It is a safe, non-toxic and environmentally friendly polymer material with official quality certificates.
  6. Even distribution of cold air. The cooled air is supplied to all people in the room in equal parts. Thanks to the competent redistribution of air, each employee can enjoy a favorable and comfortable microclimate.

On the website of our company, you can buy a protective screen-reflector for air conditioners or split systems made of transparent plastic for any type and model. Our team will be happy to help you to choose a suitable reflector screen for any model of air conditioner, and you can install them easily and quickly on your own.


My friend advised this company and their screens. At first I've bought 1 for my bedroom, and now every air conditioner in every room has the screen.

That's right, we have a large construction company, it's very hot in the office, workers often get sick because of the air conditioner. The screens of the element company were installed and there were a hundred times fewer problems, employees are sick less and do not miss work. Thanks to the company Element

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