Installing a diffuser for a ceiling air conditioner in a beauty salon

August 10, 2023

Installing a diffuser for a ceiling air conditioner in a beauty salon

How not to catch a cold under the air conditioner?

Regular air conditioning of premises not only makes their microclimate cooler and more comfortable, but can also negatively affect the health of people. As you know, the air conditioner reduces the air to a set temperature and directs it into the room in the form of a cooled air jet. Constant exposure to this jet has a negative effect on a person's well-being, as it causes local hypothermia of the body. If you have to constantly sit or stand under the air conditioner at home or at work, then this can result in frequent colds, neck pain (due to the fact that it has frozen) and other negative health consequences. Therefore, many users often wonder – how not to catch a cold under the air conditioner? What device should I use to redirect the air from the air conditioner to the ceiling? There is a solution to this problem, and these are protective screens-reflectors manufactured by the Element company.

The protective screen for the air conditioner is a compact lightweight construction made of durable transparent plastic. It is mounted directly under the internal unit of the split system, blocking the downward flow of cold air, which is why it pushes off and goes up to the ceiling.

Advantages of protective visors for air conditioning:

  • A wide range of products of the Element brand will help you choose the right screen model for any type of split systems: wall, ceiling, floor-ceiling air conditioners, as well as ventilation grilles.
  • A variety of models makes it possible to choose the optimal deflector for an air conditioner of any size, which will protect the space from cold air flows both directly under the air conditioner and on the sides of it.
  • The protective screen-fairing not only redirects air from the air conditioner to the ceiling, but also reduces noise and vibration from its operation, making the situation at your home or office much more comfortable.
  • The "Element" screens are made of impact-resistant plastic, resistant to deformation and temperature changes (withstands temperatures up to +120 C). It is a safe, non-toxic and environmentally friendly polymer material that has official quality certificates (GOST R, fire safety certificate, etc.
  • The air reflectors for the air conditioner are made of transparent plastic with a light transmittance index of 85%. Due to this and other operational properties, they can be used anywhere: at home, in the office, in the store, in production, etc.

The answer to the question «how not to catch a cold under the air conditioner» is very simple – it is enough to order protective visor screens in the catalog of the Element company. Our team will be happy to help you to choose a suitable reflector screen for any model of air conditioner, and you can install them easily and quickly on your own, because this does not require special skills or professional tools.


The air cools evenly now, and nothing blows on anyone’s head :)

Indeed, the cold air is no longer blowing, thanks a lot, easily and quickly delivered

Persuaded the management to put screens reflectors for the air conditioners of the Element company. And now everyone is working and saying thank you to me why they didn't buy it earlier. Now it doesn't blow from the air conditioner!

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