Installation of a diffuser for a ceiling air conditioner above the workplace

August 10, 2023

Installation of a diffuser for a ceiling air conditioner above the workplace

Instructions for mounting the screen on the air conditioner

The protective screen-reflector is a design that plays the role of a distributor of cold air coming from the air conditioning system. Such a simple device allows you to simply and cheaply control the microclimate in the room.

The screen for the air conditioner is designed for:

  • Distribution and redirection of cold air flows.
  • Evenly cooling the entire room.

Each protective screen-reflector for an air conditioner is designed in such a way that any user can easily assemble and install it without any help of a specialist and complex tools. In the kit you will find instructions for assembling and installing the screen on the air conditioner and the necessary fasteners.

Assembly and installation of protective screens.

Everyone can get acquainted with the assembly and mounting of the structure in more detail by simply clicking on the product card and viewing a short but detailed video.

Our company offers professional mounting of protective screens and provides a guarantee for reflector screens for air conditioners of any type and all services.

Instructions for mounting screens for air conditioners:

  1. Marking of the future installation location of the attachment. 
  2. Based on the type of fastening of the structure, holes for screws are drilled, tape is glued or hooks are installed.
  3. Installation of the reflector screen. At this stage, difficulties may arise in the case of installation on screws.

The simplest and most common method of installing a protective screen is to mount it using special hooks or double–sided adhesive tape. In such cases, you do not have to make markings, drill holes, fasten the structure and call specialists.

What should you pay attention to when choosing a fastener for a protective screen-reflector:

  1. Material of manufacture. Each option, be it metal, reinforced plastic, adhesive tape, is good in its own way and the type of air conditioner should also be taken into account when selecting.
  2. Manufacturer. German and Russian-made fasteners are particularly in demand.
  3. Stability and durability. Be sure to pay attention to the load limits of the fastener. 

The fasteners of the protective screen are included with the deflector, you do not need to buy anything. You can contact us if there are not enough parts in the kit, and we will deliver them to you for free. If for some reason you do not have fasteners in the future (for example, when moving or after repairs), you should buy them or order the manufacture according to individual parameters.


Haven't tried yet, but it seems a good idea! My colleague always turns the air conditioner off because it blows, but I want the air in the office to be cool!

Yes, indeed, the reflectors for the air conditioners of the Element company are very convenient to install

Good afternoon! My name is Aaron, I am the head of the health department, we ordered protective screens-diffusers for the entire building, and there were about 80 product names. Indeed, all models are easily and quickly assembled and installed on air conditioners, the main thing is not to forget to remove the protective film, then the screen will be transparent and almost invisible.

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