ELEMENT Screens reflector for air conditioners


Air conditioner screens are designed to protect employees and customers from direct cold air blowing from the air conditioner. Allow you to get rid of drafts once and for all. Easy to use and install, does not require additional maintenance costs, and also has a long service life. Protective screens are widely used both in business areas and in everyday life, they are suitable for all types of air conditioners.

Is it stuffy in the office? Is it impossible to work?

Turned on the air conditioner - did everyone catch a cold?
Say stop to drafts, quarrels and sick days,
you will be saved by the protective screen of the diffuser company ELEMENT,
The reflector corrects the flow of cold air, the microclimate becomes comfortable for all employees.
By purchasing screens from us, you get

  •  quality products, 10 years warranty
  •  fast deliver
  •  convenient assembly and installation

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